What is this about?!

Welcome to Geeks vs Gangsters, an incremental masterpiece, a clicker game to outplay every other clicker game! Are you ready to idle for serious bucks? It’s strangely addicting!

Side with one of the two factions and join the race for money, idle game style! Do you join the Geeks and earn your money the – almost – legal way? Or are you with the Gangsters, ranking up bucks on the dark side, like a real capitalist? No matter which of the factions you choose, if you want a game to relax, this is for you.

  • Two unique factions – Geeks and Gangsters
  • Lots of stuff to upgrade
  • A talent system unique amongst the clicker game genre (yes, really!)
  • Different Manager types for all your needs
  • Incremental number magic
  • All those neat upgrade features you love so much
  • Much much more awesome stuff!

Now, what are you waiting for? Step up your game and start your incremental experience right now and become that capitalist you’ve always wanted to be!

Alright, show me more.