What is this about?!

What is Labyrintheon all about?

Labyrintheon is created for both Android and iOS users as an incredible mix of thrilling games like turn-based board strategy, corridor, and maze games. This turn-based board strategy game offers high-quality graphics and sounds while testing the player’s skills of strategy and battle. Each move of the player matters in the game. Think smart and try to outsmart the opponent and stop him from reaching the other side. Reach the other side of the board before your opponent to win.

Standout Features & Gameplay

Unique gameplay and various amazing features will keep your attention each time you play, putting your battle and strategy skills on the test with the moves you decided to make. The player’s task in the game is to move for 1 field and wait for his turn. Players can move and jump over the opponent if they are next to each other or build a wall to get the opponent running through the labyrinth. The player needs to outsmart the opponent and reach the other side of the board first or destroy the opponent.

To help the player along the way, there are power-ups he can use to outsmart the opponent such as shock waves, field switchers, wall punches and speed boosts. Each player can compete alone in the solo mode against the computer and choose a difficulty mode between modes like easy, medium and hard. Also, the player can battle against other players online or compete against his friends in the local board game multiplayer mode. The win and losses stats can be checked for any game mode at any time the player wants.

Download it for free on Google Play and App Store to reach the other side of the board and outsmart the opponent!

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