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Compete online with League of Legends fans from all around the world or play offline and achieve incredible high scores! Countless questions around LoL Champions and Items are waiting for you, do you have what it takes to reach the Challenger tier?

  • Your go-to LoL quiz game to help increase your knowledge about League of Legends Champions, their spells, passives and even their friends and foes.
  • Learn previously unknown facts about Items that will help you make quicker decisions on how to equip your Champion when playing League of Legends with your team.
  • Challenge your friends to quiz battles when your opponent team takes ages to load or you’re afk.
  • Increase your ranking by playing quiz challenges or beating other Summoners in multiplayer battles to show off.

LoL: Summoners Quiz Game features the newest patch data from live servers to make sure you learn about all the new Items, Champions and their abilities as soon as they are introduced to League of Legends. Looking for your daily dose of League of Legends while away from your computer? Stop looking, you’ve found the ultimate app that will help you increase your skill.

A sheer endless number of questions around our beloved game “League of Legends” are waiting for you Summoner, show everyone else how much you know!


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